Marketing Strategy

"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart." — Joe Chernov

A marketing strategy helps a brand to focus its efforts and resources in a way that is likely to lead to the desired outcomes. By understanding its target market, setting specific goals and objectives, and using the most effective tactics and channels to reach and engage with customers, a business can effectively execute a marketing strategy that drives results.

Marketing Analysis + Research

  • Market Trends + Research
  • Offer Building + Restructuring
  • Product or Service Positioning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Paid Media Analysis
  • SEO + Keyword Traffic Analysis and Research
  • and More

"Always provide value. Value builds trust. Once you have that trust, you have the ability to do some selling." — Mike Volpe

Marketing Strategy

  • The success of your digital marketing relies on a strong foundation—specifically, industry-focused research and clear objectives. This strategy begins with data analysis that leads to a plan for execution, followed by an evaluation of results, and adjustments to improve performance.
  • When you deliver genuine value to your audience, you build brand trust and create loyal followers. Our strategies helps you understand your customers' needs and how to meet them—creating true value for your brand.

Marketing Services

  • Market Trends + Research
  • Offer Building + Restructuring
  • Product or Service Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automations
  • Lead Generation
  • and More
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Paragon Studios 21

Headquartered in the city of brotherly love Paragon Studios 21 is one of Philadelphia's leading advertising agencies. We are an advertising company created and designed for a new age of social media & creative advertising. We have helped business of all sizes from multimillion dollar international companies to local businesses around Philadelphia.

We have setup and ran small ad accounts of a few hundred dollars per month up to $500k per month in ad spend.We believe that a business of any size should have the power of creative and disruptive advertising at their fingertips. We pride ourselves on that providing value to our clients and their customers is the right way to go.

As the great advertising giant David Ogilvy once said "The customer is not a moron, she is your wife."Our slogan of, "We Make Marketing Simple" is what we focus on within our Paragon community.


We are looking to give back to the community and help new and old programs gain more traction by providing one or more of the following services free of charge.. If you are a local nonprofit organization email us at: Please include your name, organization, title, and how we could possibly help.

Increase overall organization reach & awarenesses
Promote upcoming community event
Increase organization email lists
1 hour consultation