Realtor's, Do you want to turn your cold leads into sphere of Influence quality on Autopilot?

The Problem:

How many times have you finally followed up with a lead only to find out they just bought or sold a home and you were completely left out?

Or you talk with a lead only for them to list with another agent a few weeks later...

Most of the time there is no exact reason they didn’t go with you.

People usually go with the first person they think of because that is who made an impression on them subconsciously...

Whether that's their niece who just got a real estate license, or the agents that are door knocking and have their face plastered on billboards.

These people are able to stay in their prospects minds on a subconscious level, even if they don’t try...

Now the question comes how do you stay in your prospects' minds on a subconscious level?

You do that with what's called being omnipresent...

Being omnipresent is the one thing that can consistently compound over time when done correctly.

The more frequently someone sees or hears from you the more likely they are to think of you in certain ways and situations...

You can spend thousands of dollars on leads, and knock on a thousand doors, but if you don't have a proper follow up system in place you're wasting your time.

Having a bad, or worse, missing system not only wastes your money time and effort, but the rejection of all those leads can knock you off your "A" game...

Being a realtor you understand how important it is to stay on your "A" game. YOU ARE your own boss, YOU ARE in control of your income, YOU ARE in control of your own lead flow.

Now let me ask, with you being in control of everything, why do you not give yourself everything to succeed?

Why do you use the same resources as every other realtor in the world?

You even get the same resources from your broker as almost every other agent..

Same follow up systems if any at all, same crappy monthly newsletters and holiday emails, the same everything that every agent uses..

Now let me ask you another question, how do you stand out in a sea of sameness? How do you get the customer loyalty you deserve?

After profitably spending millions of dollars on ads, including a 1400% return of over $1,000,000 from an ad spend of $70k in 3 months, I took everything I learned while running those ads including the multi million dollar follow up systems they went to, and created a proven "Cold to SOI Quality" system for real estate agents.

The Solution:

Stop using the same resources as every other agent...

Stop having clients list with other agents weeks after speaking with you...

Stop leaving your followups, referrals, and income up to chance...

Start getting referrals and closing new deals with old leads...

Start getting the customer loyalty you deserve...

Start getting your own custom 12 month multi-million dollar follow up process from experts in online ads and lead generation...

We offer the most comprehensive & advanced real estate lead follow up Systems on the market. Our Systems give you the power of an Expert team of 5 at your fingertips, without the cost.

"We turn cold leads Into Sphere of Influence Quality"

Part 1 Of Our Multi-Million Dollar
Follow Up System

*Our followup system is a 52 week, proven, one of a kind follow up system. This is a completely custom done for you system*

How Our Program Works

Pick One of the following:


Exclusive Lead generation + 12 Month Followup System
+ Referral System

Exclusive lead Generation
Custom 52 week system
Custom 16 week referral system
Weekly 1 on 1 phone Support
24 hour email support


12 Month Followup System +
Referral System

Custom 52 week system
Custom 16 week referral system
Weekly 1 on 1 phone Support
24 hour email support

How each phase works:

1. SIM Phase:

Within seconds of coming in, your new lead is sent through our "Flip System" which starts with follow-up and welcome email's along with a prequalifying text. Our focus is to keep you on the mind of your prospect 24/7 while providing value information to build rapport and position you as an expert. This has been proven to increase future response rates from your prospects.

2. GI Flip Phase:

During this phase we gather intel and position you as the go to expert for your prospect. This phase was proven to increase the rapport needed with prospective clients. Every lead feels welcomed and gets a "one on one" feeling which is important. We had a Realtor come to us with one of their leads saying "You Realtors need to stop calling me" after going through our "Flip System" that same lead listed a property with that agent 36 days later.

3. TTI Phase:

This phase is critical to your positioning with your leads. This phase has helped one of the Realtors in our program get multiple inquiries for new construction in northern NJ, two leads on properties they currently had listed, and one lead looking to list their property in PA. All of this happened within 43 days of entering our TTI Phase.

4. ATT Phase:

This phase is our secret sauce, we have helped dozens of Realtors excel in this phase. We have seen up to a 36% increase in responses and engagement for Realtors in our program during this phase. All together every one of your leads goes through the 4 phases over 52 weeks increasing your authority by 3x. Stop wasting time and money on the wrong numbers and angry people. Start having leads that love hearing from you!

The Cost Of Major Lead Generation Companies

Some Of Our Lead Generation Results

Ads we are currently running for Realtors in our program

Some Of Our Follow Up Results

Results we are currently achieving for Realtors in our program
With over 500 contacts we are getting this Realtor over 25% open rates on average

Cost of doing it alone vs. working with us

Cost Of Doing It Alone

Email Copywriter - $998/Monthly
Social Media Marketer - $1488/Monthly
Email Marketer - $1488/Monthly
Referral Follow-up System - $888/Monthly

Doing It Alone = $4,862/ Monthly

Working With Us

What You Get:

Now You Get Everything For Only $998/Monthly

What to do now?

We all know the future of business and networking is building communities around yourself and your brand. This is how everyone from major companies to celebrities create such strong brands.

The good thing is everyone can do it when they have the right roadmap and systems in place.

If you're tired of your leads listing with someone else just weeks after talking to you, not getting as many referrals as you deserve, or feeling like you have no customer loyalty...

Fill out the form below to schedule a call!

Let's get you down the right path today and finally turn your prospects into "raving fans".

- Peter