How To Close Old Real Estate Leads

You've worked hard to earn the trust of your past clients, but what happens when they don't buy from you? You might assume that they never want to speak with you again. However, that's not always the case. Even though people may not have bought a home from you in the past, it doesn't mean that they're no longer interested in buying or selling one! When people know and trust your brand, it's easy for them to reach out when they're ready. In this post we'll share how to follow up with old leads that didn't purchase anything before—and turn them into paying customers!

When you follow up with old leads, you're showing them you care.

When you follow up with old leads, you're showing them that you care.

You're showing your prospect that you aren't just a salesperson trying to push their hand into buying something they don't need. You're not just trying to get them on the phone because it's part of your job; instead, it's because it is important for the customer and for yourself. You are showing them that they matter and that your company cares about more than just making more money—it cares about helping people find solutions to their problems.


This shows your prospects that you value them as a whole person: not just as another number in their contact database or an opportunity at closing a deal (and paying commission). It also shows potential customers how much faith you have in both yourself and your product/service/business model when someone takes time out of their busy schedule or even calls back after missing one call already!

What to include in your follow-up emails.

Here are some things to include in your follow-up emails:

  • Personalization. Use the prospect's name, where they are from and any other information you have about them (e.g., number of bedrooms, age of property).
  • Relevant question or offer. Include a question that is relevant to them and their property (e.g., "What time would you like us to start?") or an offer that may interest them (e.g., "I will give you $500 off my fee if we complete this transaction within 30 days" make sure you stay ethical at all times).
  • Link to website/blog post/video content relevant to prospects' properties and situations (if applicable).

How to ask for referrals.

You’ve landed a real estate lead, and now you need to close. But how do you ask for referrals?

Asking for referrals is an art form and requires finesse. You don’t want to come off as pushy or annoying, but also not too soft so that the lead forgets about you altogether. Here are some tips on how best to ask for referrals:

  • Ask in a personal way

The most successful way of asking for a referral is through email or phone call because this allows you to engage with them directly rather than sending them an anonymous message through social media or LinkedIn.  Make sure your request comes out naturally during conversation by asking things like “How did my services work out? Was I helpful?" Or if it's via phone call: "What do people say when they hear my name? How did we do business together?" Another good way is to setup an auto referral system. A good system will send referral requests along with follow-ups about each referral while providing value and not bothering the prospect. A good example is our Realtor Accelerator Program this is where we take your leads from cold to sphere of influence quality without you having to lift a finger. Our system includes a separate 16 week referral system to help you get more referrals with less work on your end.

Use marketing automation software.

  • Use marketing automation software. Marketing automation software can help you schedule follow-ups and track the success of those follow-up emails. If a lead takes action, the software will send another email (or even a phone call) to try to close the deal.

If you have a CRM, use it to keep track of all your leads. You'll be able to see which ones are ready for a follow-up and which ones aren't quite there yet. You'll also know if there are any leads who need more time or information before they're ready for contact later on!

Don't give up!

As a real estate agent, you need to be persistent. You can’t let the leads get stale and forget about them. If you want to be successful in your business, you have to follow up with your old clients and keep contacting them until they get back in touch with you.

If a lead falls out of contact or doesn't respond to any of your attempts at communication, it's time for some direct follow-up that lets them know that if they don’t respond soon then they will lose their spot on the priority list. This is often enough motivation for many people who might have been procrastinating or avoiding dealing with something important but didn't realize how much time had passed since their original inquiry was received.

Follow-up with your old leads by emailing them useful information and by asking for referrals.

You can also use email marketing to generate more leads. But it's important not to spam your old leads. That will just make them angry and put you at risk of being marked as a spammer by their ISP.

Instead, send them useful information in the form of an email newsletter every few weeks or so. This way, you'll keep your name on their radar screen without annoying them too much.

The best time to ask for referrals is right after you've sent out the latest edition of your newsletter and given them some time to digest it—usually about two weeks after sending an email is good enough for most people who get their mail on their smartphones or tablets as well as on their desktop computers (not everyone uses desktop computers anymore). This is our main focus in our Realtor Accelerator Program we provide your  leads with so much value that it makes them think of you and only you whenever they head about real estate. We do this by making you what's called omnipresent this is where we take your leads from cold to sphere of influence quality without you having to lift a finger. If you'd like to turn your leads to sphere of influence quality, while having your leads email you asking for more, check out our Realtor Accelerator Program today.


We hope you’ve found this guide to be helpful. It can be challenging to follow up with old leads, but it can be very rewarding. If you follow the steps outlined above, there’s a good chance that your conversion rate will go up and your sales pipeline will grow! If you need any help with generating your real estate leads contact us. If you're trying to convert cold to sphere of influence quality leads join our Realtor Accelerator Program today!

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