How Much Does It Cost To Buy Real Estate Leads in 2023

Real estate leads are the summaries of people who might be looking to buy or sell a house. They’re generated by real estate agents and brokers, or they can be purchased from a third-party vendor. You can purchase just about any type of real estate lead you want - but how much do they cost? That depends on who you buy them from and what type of real estate lead it is.

What Are Real Estate Leads?

Real estate leads are people who have expressed interest in buying real estate. Real estate agents get these leads by advertising their properties on the internet and in print. When someone requests information about a property, they become a real estate lead. They may also become a real estate lead if they visit an agent's website and request information about properties for sale or rent within the area.

A lead is not necessarily a client; it’s just someone who has taken an interest in your services (i.e., buying or selling real estate).

Where Do Real Estate Leads Come From?

Real estate leads come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Lead generation companies
  • Lead aggregators (also known as list brokers)
  • Lead exchanges

Should I Buy My Real Estate Leads Or Generate Them Myself?

There are several reasons to buy your real estate leads.

  • You can get them in bulk. If you have a large number of properties to sell, it may be more cost-effective for you to purchase your leads than it would be for you to generate them yourself. Buying real estate leads in bulk can save money on the per-lead basis and also save time, as generating thousands of leads can take quite a long time and require many different resources (such as people).
  • You can create stronger relationships with customers by buying their information instead of just collecting it yourself through some sort of online form or survey; this allows them to feel like they're doing something valuable by giving their contact information away—and it makes them much more likely make decisions based on what they believe will benefit them directly rather than what might be best overall for everyone involved in the transaction process

How Much Do Real Estate Leads Cost?

The cost of real estate leads will depend on two things: the quality of the leads and how many leads you buy.

If you're looking for high-quality leads, expect to pay a premium price. The more time and effort your broker has to invest in qualifying or disqualifying a candidate, the higher their compensation will be. If a lead is found to be unqualified, then that's one less person your broker has to work with and therefore one less commission earned for them. This can mean losing money on an otherwise good prospect if they don't have enough time to work through all their potential clients before expiring from their databases (or simply moving away). A better way is by purchasing non-expired lists from online sites like Realty Mailer or Real Estate Listing Sites who offer instant access without having any risk associated with receiving bad data while also allowing sellers sign up themselves directly through email address provider websites such as Gmail instead which means more potential income generated per hour spent working since there's no need wait 90 days before sending out emails again unless someone else claims those domains first!

The second thing affecting how much real estate leads cost is quantity purchased: The higher number of properties listed within each package being bought means fewer people need contacted individually; however even though prices may appear lower initially since there's less risk involved per contact made due diligence should still be exercised prior making any final decisions about whether or not buying those particular packages would prove profitable over time."

What Does Lead Quality Really Mean?

Lead quality is the number of leads you receive that turn into actual sales. There are two ways to measure lead quality:

  • The first method is the closed-won percentage, which is calculated by dividing the number of closed deals (or sales) by total number of leads received. This figure gives a direct picture on how much conversion you have from your leads, but it's not always entirely accurate because some deals may remain open for some time after they're initially generated and this can skew results.
  • The second method is measuring open-to-close ratios (open contracts divided by closed contracts). This figure shows us how many people actually bought something after they were contacted by one of our agents once or twice via phone or email. Since we don't count people who bought right away, this metric gives us an idea about how many prospects need multiple attempts before making a decision to buy something from us

As you can see, the price of leads fluctuates dramatically depending on where you buy them, who you buy them from and whether or not they’re exclusive.

As you can see, the price of leads fluctuates dramatically depending on where you buy them, who you buy them from and whether or not they’re exclusive.

If you’re looking to purchase exclusive leads from a realtor or other agency, expect to pay higher prices than what regular consumers would pay. If your goal is to generate more revenue for your brokerage firm or build up your brand as an agent in your community, it makes sense that these companies would want to give their most valuable clients the best deals on premium leads.

If there was a default price point for all real estate lead providers, it would be somewhere between $20 - $300 per contact record with one phone call generated by each contact record (or less).


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that the price of real estate leads can vary dramatically depending on where you buy them, who you buy them from and whether or not they’re exclusive. If you want to get started with generating your own leads, start by identifying your target audience and understanding what kind of information they would want to see before deciding if it would be worth their time for an appointment with one of our agents at XXXX Realty.

If you need any help with generating your real estate leads contact us. If you're trying to convert cold to sphere of influence quality leads join our Realtor Accelerator Program today!

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