10 Best Ways To Advertise In Philadelphia

Are you a local business owner and looking to advertise in Philadelphia? There are many marketing options available to you. In this blog post we'll go over the best ways in the city to advertise.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform and has 900 million users. It’s free to use, which allows you to reach a wide audience. Facebook ads are also very effective, and they’re extremely cheap compared to other advertising methods. They’re easy to set up—you can create an ad in less than five minutes!


Google is the largest search engine in the world, and it has a huge advertising platform. You can target your ads by location, age group, gender and interests—or even by device type (desktop computer vs. mobile phone). Google makes it easy to find exactly who you're looking for so you can get maximum exposure for your business.


Instagram has become a great place to promote your business and reach millennials. The app is free, and it’s easy for users to share content with friends.

Millennials make up a large portion of the population (about 40%), so it’s smart to advertise on Instagram if you want to speak directly to this group.

It also helps that Instagram is very visual-based, which makes it easier for businesses with strong visual identities—like restaurants and clothing stores—to get their products in front of consumers more easily than they might be able to elsewhere.


Pinterest is a visual platform, which means it’s perfect for ecommerce. If you sell products online, Pinterest can be a great place to reach new customers who might not be seeing your ads elsewhere. You can use the platform to market your brand or business and drive traffic back to your website or store.

If you don’t have an ecommerce store but are still interested in using Pinterest as part of your advertising strategy, don't worry—you can still get value out of it! Because people use this site as a discovery tool and tend to visit pages they find interesting frequently (often multiple times per day), it's also worth being on there if you want more exposure in general. By having an active presence on Pinterest, people will see that you're part of their community and want nothing more than to help them out with any questions they may have about what they need right now--whether that's a pair of shoes or advice on how best utilize social media platforms like this one!


With over 1 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and the second largest search engine.

In fact, videos on YouTube receive more than 100 million searches every day!


If you're looking to reach people who aren't necessarily interested in your product, Twitter is a great choice. It's a platform where users can read and post news, share their thoughts and feelings with others, or just browse through what's happening around them. Because of this, it's a good way to reach people who are not looking for you—but still might find your business interesting!

If you want to reach out directly to people in Philadelphia (and beyond), Twitter is also an excellent option. The site offers "hashtags" that can help categorize content by topic. For example: if someone posts something about Philadelphia sports teams using the hashtag #FlyEaglesFly on Twitter; anyone who searches for that hashtag will see those tweets pop up in their feed immediately after posting them. And if someone doesn't know what hashtags are yet? No problem! A simple search should tell them how they work within seconds--and then all it takes is one click before you see results from hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of other users around the world


Snapchat is a great way to reach younger demographics. The app is especially popular among millennials and Generation Zers; in fact, it's the most popular social network for this age bracket. Snapchat boasts over 100 million daily active users, including more than 15 million users in Philadelphia alone. If your business targets this demographic, then advertising on Snapchat is an ideal option for you.

Snapchat allows users to share photos and videos with friends, as well as add filters and effects that can make their content more engaging or entertaining. In addition to sending snaps directly from their phones, people can also create stories that disappear after 24 hours—giving them an opportunity to share highlights from their day without needing to worry about how permanent they are (or what might happen if someone else screenshots them). This makes it a great platform for promoting products or services through sponsored content campaigns (a brand’s message accompanied by its logo), as well as offering coupons or discounts during special events such as Black Friday sales events or New Year's Eve parties at nightclubs or bars where you're trying not only get people talking about what's going on but also about being able to use those codes once they arrive there too!


LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. It's used by small businesses and big companies alike to connect with potential customers, find new employees, and grow their networks. If you're looking for ways to advertise in Philadelphia, you can use this network to your advantage!

LinkedIn is free to use and has no time limit on posts. This means that when it comes time to advertise on LinkedIn, you can do so as often or infrequently as you'd like!


Waze is a free navigation app that helps you find the best routes based on real-time traffic and road conditions. Millions of people use it to navigate their daily commutes, so it’s no surprise that Waze ads are some of the most effective in the city.

There are a few different ad formats available for these mobile ads:

  • The leaderboard ad format allows you to show up at the top of users' rows of recommended businesses or locations nearby, making sure they don't pass your business by when they're looking for something new!
  • A skyscraper ad format means that your message will take up several lines at once—a great way to get noticed while also conveying more information than other ad types! These can also be used as "carousel" ads across multiple locations at once.

Online advertising is the best way to reach customers in Philadelphia!

Advertising is a great way to reach potential customers in Philadelphia. You can choose from many different types of online advertising, including:

  • Social media advertising
  • Google AdWords and AdSense
  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads


Online advertising is the best way to reach customers in Philadelphia!

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