Macy's Chestnut Street Window Display

Macy's on Philadelphia's Chestnut Street is located in the historic Wannamaker Building. These original ink illustrations were scaled up and constructed into a window display for Macy's in center city Philadelphia. Our designer presented the selected display design, and managed a team to assemble the final window arrangement.

The Inspiration

The Wanamaker building is a historic landmark for Philadelphia, and has even been the setting for feature films and TV series, including the 1987 movie Mannequin, starring Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy. The main inspiration behind the window design was the grand architecture of the building itself. Inside this particular Macy's, you'll find beautiful columns and detailed moulding. We wanted these achitectural elements to be reflected in the design. Since this was Macy's "community" window, we decided to have a subway cart at the center of the design, transporting Macy's customers to historic building. The three mannequins represent three of "My Macy's" customer profiles.

The Result

  • Original ink illustrations scaled up for a large window display installation
  • Motifs: Historic Wanamaker Building architecture (columns, bricks, molding, etc.)
  • Additional Themes: City Subway (the subway system connects not only connect our community to each other, but also to this historic Macy's location)
  • Mannequins: Represent 3 of "My Macy's" established customer profiles