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Headquartered in the city of brotherly love Paragon Studios 21 is one of the top Philadelphia advertising agencies. We are an advertising company created and designed for a new age of social media & creative advertising. We have helped brands of all sizes from multimillion dollar international companies to local businesses around Philadelphia. We have managed and scaled small ad accounts of a few hundred dollars per month up to $500k per month in ad spend.

We believe that a business of any size should have the power of creative and disruptive advertising at their fingertips. We pride ourselves on providing value to our clients and their customers is the right way to go. As the great advertising giant David Ogilvy once said "The customer is not a moron, she is your wife."

Our slogan of, "We Make Marketing Simple" is what we focus on within our Paragon community and how we help anyone looking for an advertising agency in Philadelphia.


We have helped new and existing brands with their transition to the online space, scaled ad accounts to six figures, branded businesses for the future, and managed accounts up to $500k per month in ad spends. This has allowed us to focus on our path to being a leading advertising agency in Philadelphia.

"Our mission is to revolutionize the advertising industry by providing cutting-edge solutions and data-driven strategies to help our clients achieve their business goals in the ever-evolving landscape of advertising. We are dedicated to delivering personalized and innovative solutions to help local businesses grow and to scaling ad accounts to new heights, with a proven track record of managing ad spend of over $500k per month."

Our Team

Peter Tayoun Sharma

Marketing Director

Peter is a Philadelphia native that has over a decade of advertising experience, with a focus on the future of technology and A.I in advertising. Peter's introduction to advertising started at a young age from his family's entrepreneurial & political efforts, mainly his grandfather, former Philadelphia city councilman Jimmy Tayoun.

Starting with a focus in lead generation, advertising, and sales funnels, Peter quickly gained the knowledge and experience needed to break into the music advertising world. From there he went on to selling out convention centers and venues for some of the biggest artists in the world until 2020 when concerts were put on hold.

At this time, Peter shifted his efforts into other areas of the advertising world and how brands need to pivot in such a time. He quickly started working with CreateCo, a multimillion dollar online education startup focusing on media buying, marketing funnels, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Now, Peter is the marketing director of Paragon Studios 21 and oversees our marketing department, along with quality control on our marketing efforts. His background and knowledge has so far allowed Peter to profitably spend millions of dollars on online ads, including a 1400% return of over $1,000,000 from $70k ad spend in 3 months. He was personally trained by leading advertisers who manage tens of millions of dollars a month for some of the worlds most popular brands, along with marketing directors from some of the worlds billion dollar companies.

Peter asked us to end this with a quote from his hero David Ogilvy

“Big ideas come from the unconscious. This is true in art, in science and in advertising. But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant. Stuff your conscious mind with information, then unhook your rational thought process.”― David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising

Head's Up Philly!

We are looking to give back to the community of Philadelphia by providing one or more of the following advertising services free of charge. If you are a local nonprofit organization email us at: Please include your name, organization, title, and how we could possibly help.

  • Increase overall organization reach & awarenesses
  • Promote upcoming community event
  • Increase organization email lists
  • 1 hour consultation
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